Margaritaville will become a household name this summer as it comes to a channel near you — the Home Shopping Network (HSN) that is. On July 1st, the HSN digital campaign will launch a Margaritaville Apparel Brand landing page on the HSN website, kicking off “Margaritaville Month”. Visitors of the HSN site will be able to shop for Margaritaville products online straight from their laptops, tablets or digital format of choice. The July partnering will also be prevalent across all social media so consumers can get the play-by-play of highlighted merchandise.

Margaritaville Apparel and HSN

HSN Does “Margaritaville Month”

But if for some reason your wifi connection gets lost, on July 3rd, the Margaritaville lifestyle brand will be coming to you via high def 1080i resolution television. To celebrate Margaritaville Month, HSN will dedicate three hours each Friday to Margaritaville merchandise including apparel, home, kitchen, electronics and beauty wares.

Home Shopping Network, launched in 1982 as a local cable channel in Pinellas County, Florida, became the first national shopping network in 1985 and pioneered televised retail pitch for goods and services. Margaritaville Apparel, named for the iconic Jimmy Buffett song, can be found in major department chains worldwide and has expanded into the lifestyle brand Margaritaville — a major player in the United States and abroad.

Margaritaville logo

The marriage between the international HSN and international lifestyle brand Margaritaville is a major collaboration which promises to have a reach of millions of viewers. Offering the full lifestyle experience, Margaritaville is set to open a Hollywood Beach, FL resort this summer