Surfers Finally Catch Wind of Wearable Tech

Beach apparel might not be the only thing you’ll regularly see surfers wearing this summer. If you don’t immediately connect electronics and water, continue reading. It will change your perspective and your entire surf experience—whether you’re a surfer or spectator. If you keep up with tech trends, you know that wearable tech is en vogue […]

The Surfers Who Shaped the History of the Board

Surfboard design has always been a very personal thing, which is why board-makers tend to be surfers themselves. As times changed, surfboards have evolved. As surfers tackled new ‘liquid terrain’, they needed their boards to trend along; and that required engineering as well as wave know-how. Ancient Hawaiian surfboards In ancient Hawaii, surfing was a […]

Evolution of the Bikini

The bikini was invented by a French designer named Louis Reard in 1946, modeled at the Piscine Molitor pool in Paris by showgirl Micheline Bernardi. The new apparel was named after a U.S. atomic test off the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific the week before. Since its inception into the minds of gasping G.I.s and […]

The Rich Island History of the Aloha Shirt

Hawaiian print shirts, which are actually called Aloha Shirts, tend to have a polarizing effect on people. You either love the colorful, loose fitting button down that evokes the Aloha spirit, or you think it should be kept in the closet while on the mainland, only to be taken out of the closet for that […]

Africa Becomes Apparel-Producing Hub

Direct foreign investments grew in Africa to $56 billion in 2013, according to a 2014 report by the United Nations. A young generation of leaders  in South Africa are increasingly committed to growing their economies with textile and clothing-focused industries. Why? Because in recent years, a reduction in bureaucracy has made easier to set up […]

Philanthropy Through Fashion

Many modern day apparel companies are catching on that philanthropy and consumerism do not have to conflict. Like Margaritaville’s humanitarian efforts, there are other design and retail companies that also aim to aid those in need, like Philanthropy Fashion. Launching the nonprofit Philanthropy Ministries, the company was able to initiate a spiritual means of giving […]

Margaritaville’s Partnerships & Sponsorships

Margaritaville Apparel has been at the forefront of fashion and fashion merchandising for almost a decade. In that time, Margaritaville has built a lifestyle empire – using partnerships and sponsorships to secure its place as a household name. As recently reported, the Margaritaville-HSN partnership launched May 6th with products being featured on HSN and the […]

It’s Always 5 O’Clock On Norwegian Star

Margaritaville in partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line has opened the much anticipated 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar on the Norwegian Star. The bar along with Jimmy Buffett have collaborated on an experience that includes “boat drinks”, signature cocktails and live performances that will evoke the feeling of the islands. The combined project for the bar features […]

HSN To Name July “Margaritaville Month”

Margaritaville will become a household name this summer as it comes to a channel near you — the Home Shopping Network (HSN) that is. On July 1st, the HSN digital campaign will launch a Margaritaville Apparel Brand landing page on the HSN website, kicking off “Margaritaville Month”. Visitors of the HSN site will be able […]

Frontgate Catalog Features Margaritaville Apparel Inspiration and Design

Margaritaville is the truly original and authentic expression of a lifestyle brand. Whether you’re a hardcore Parrot Head or simply enjoy being in the state of mind, Margaritaville keeps the sun, palm trees and ocean breeze in your life regardless of where you are. With Margaritaville Apparel, we genuinely care to explore new ways of […]

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